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Illustration showing upper back pain

Acute and chronic upper back pain can make the easiest of tasks hard to perform. Upper back pain is an all too common complaint that can be effectively addressed with chiropractic. Our team applies non-invasive therapeutic treatments to reduce sudden or persistent upper back pain naturally. Understand more about our upper back pain treatments today.

Where Is The Upper Back?

Patients are more likely to come in for pain in the upper back than for the lower back. The upper back region extends from below the neck to above the lower back. This region is also known as the thoracic spine. It has a limited range of motion when compared to other areas of the spine due to its attachment to the rib cage.

Upper back pain can occur all of a sudden or be a symptom of a chronic condition. Aside from the discomfort itself, patients often experience a reduced range of motion, stiffness, or muscle spasms.

Causes of Upper Back Pain

Back pain in the thoracic spine and attached musculature can make it difficult to perform routine tasks, or enjoy a restful night of sleep. Conditions that can result in discomfort in this area include:

  • Nerve compression
  • Bulging or herniated discs
  • Soft tissue injury
  • Vertebrae injury
  • Musculoskeletal strain

This area of the body does a significant amount of physical work. Sudden trauma or injury can lead to inflammation, spinal subluxation, and more. Chronic pain in the area may be from repetitive stress injuries in one or more associated areas. Activities and sudden movements that can end up causing a problem in the upper back region include:

  • Poor posture
  • Whiplash
  • Frequent texting and computer use
  • Overuse
  • Contact sports

Understand more about how chiropractic and associated therapies can speed up the healing process.

How Chiropractic Can Treat the Upper Back

When upper back pain does not resolve quickly, chiropractic may help. An individualized treatment program may include chiropractic care, physical therapy, or acupuncture, and can be effective in correcting spinal imbalances, improving mobility, and naturally reducing pain. Such treatments can realign the thoracic spine, reduce tension in any affected musculature, and support the body’s healing process.

Experience Upper Back Pain Relief

Our staff is dedicated to finding and treating the cause of upper back pain in patients. Contact Body Works Chiropractic and Wellness Center at (770) 988-0988 to book an initial consultation and learn more about non-invasive treatment options today.

Struggling With Lower Back Pain? Chiropractic Care Can Help

Illustration showing lower back pain

When you consider that 80 percent of Americans have had (or will have) trouble with back pain, you can understand why this painful symptom accounts for some 264 million lost workdays each year. When you suffer from agonizing pain toward the base of your spine, you can't do physical labor or even manage many sedentary office tasks, much less enjoy a comfortable productive home life. The good news is that you don't have to let lower back pain keep you down, nor do you need surgery or painkiller to stop it. Natural treatment can help you conquer your lower back pain.

Why Do People Suffer From Lower Back Pain?

Lower back pain is practically inevitable at some point or another. The lower back supports the entire upper half of the body, which represents a considerable weight. An acute injury can tear back muscles, dislodge vertebrae, or herniated discs in the lower back. Constant or repetitive strain from a musculoskeletal imbalance or poor posture can lead to chronic lower back strain.

Chronic lower back pain often stems from natural changes in your physique. For instance, as you get older, your spinal discs can start to flatten and bulge, straining vertebral joints, and pinching major nerve roots. (In the lower spine, pinched sciatic nerve tissue can cause leg pain as well as lower back pain.) Spinal arthritis is another cause of age-related lower back pain.

Chiropractic Adjustments for Lower Back Pain: Procedures and Benefits

A skilled chiropractor can often save lower back pain sufferers from surgery or other extreme measures. Your doctor can identify any spinal alignment issues that might be causing or worsening your symptoms. Gentle, precise applications of force, either manually or through the use of instruments, can shift spinal components back into their proper position, releasing compressed nerves and taking the unnecessary strain off of muscles.

Chiropractors sometimes prescribe other forms of non-invasive treatment to enhance the effectiveness of these lower back adjustments. For example, you may receive a comprehensive treatment plan that includes some combination of chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, massage, and lifestyle recommendations to help you strengthen your lower back, improve your flexibility, and minimize the risk of future back problems.

Are you ready to learn more about non-surgical lower back pain solutions? Contact Body Works Chiropractic and Wellness Center at (770) 988-0988.


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Illustration with mid back pain

Are you regularly suffering from middle back pain below your neck and above the bottom of your rib cage? Referred to as the thoracic spine, this is one of the most common areas to experience chronic pain and a common reason why patients seek treatment with a chiropractor. Here is what you need to know.

Common Symptoms of Middle Back Pain

The thoracic spine or middle back is composed of twelve bones called the T1 to T12 vertebrae. In between these bones is what’s called disks. The job of this part of your body is to protect the spinal cord, and there are numerous muscles and nerves that can become injured or irritated in this region.

So, how do you know you’re experiencing middle back pain? The most common symptoms include muscle stiffness, sharp pain, sudden achiness, or a burning sensation. In minor cases, you might feel a dull pain that never quite fully goes away.

Causes of Middle Back Pain

There are numerous causes for pain in the thoracic spine. For example, chronic middle back pain can be caused by something as simple as sleeping wrong or poor posture. Those who are overweight or live a sedentary lifestyle also seem to experience it more.

But the problem could also be something more serious, too. Herniated disks, osteoarthritis, and joint fractures can all cause middle back pain. Severe injuries like falls, car accidents, sports injuries, and more can also be the culprit of severe thoracic spine pain.

Treatment of Middle Back Pain

So, how is middle back pain treated? Visiting your chiropractor is generally the first step in achieving relief. During the first appointment, they will generally evaluate your pain and take x-rays to ensure there are no fractures or visible damage to your spine.

In the case of degenerative disk disease or arthritis, there will be evidence on the scans and an appropriate course of treatment is prescribed. If it is simply muscular, your chiropractor will perform a manual adjustment and recommend special stretching exercises to improve posture, heat, or ice therapy at home, along with other treatments.

Find Relief from Middle Back Pain

Experiencing chronic middle back pain can be disruptive to your entire life. However, the good news is that there is a solution. Let our team help you find relief and get back to doing the things you love most. Please contact us today at (770) 988-0988 to schedule an appointment.

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