Ionic Detoxing Foot Baths Now Offered at Body Works Chiropractic & Wellness Center

When you place your feet into the water filled container with the ionic element, an ionic frequency is sent into the water, which is synchronized to the user’s own bioenergetic compatibility. During a foot bath it is believed that a gentle ionic charge is imparted to every cell in the body, helping to expel toxins. The toxins are then carried by the lymph system and expelled through the dermal layers of the feet.

The Process

The Ion-Cleanse Ionic Foot Bath has been reported to help rebalance energy meridians. The complex energy fields of the technology permeate the water, realigning the body’s energy field. Many of the benefits of the unit can be attributed to the rebalancing of these energy lines, believe to thus allow improved function. The action is believed to result in a purging of toxins and nucleic waste products kept and/or generated with the cells and surrounding membranes. Following the purge there is believed to be a resetting of any abnormal deterioration within the body, which may have been initiated by illness, injury, viral and/or any other life experiences.

The Colors in the Water

The water changes color as a result of the interaction of the toxins from the body and the metals from the copper array. The following colors tend to correlate with the listed areas of the body

  • Black – Liver
  • Brown – Liver, Cellular Debris & Tobacco by-products
  • Dark Green – Gallbladder
  • Orange/Rust – Joints
  • Black Flecks – Heavy Metals
  • Red Flecks – Cellular Debris
  • White “Cheese” – Yeast
  • White Foam – Mucous & Lymphatic System
  • Yellow/Green – Kidney, Bladder & Urinary Tract

The Science

The water in the bath actually interacts with a compatible magnetic field structure to produce bio-charge in your body. You will witness the stunning cleansing process before your own eyes. This process has been simply described as “sweating” in water. As biological and environmental toxins are cleared from cells and tissues, the immune system can perform more efficiently, with an expectation of having more energy and a feeling of wellbeing, even after the first session.

Once you start using Ion-Cleanse Technology, you may notice that your natural (Chi) energy levels will start to rise, thus allowing you to enjoy a more balanced, healthful quality of life.

The Benefit

Practitioners and clients have reported increased vitality, decreased pain and inflammation, stress relief, improved sleep, reduced fluid retention and improved energy levels.

Imagine an alterative for good health that doesn’t require pills, drugs or pain. Imagine a treatment that uses natural energy and water to increase Chi (healing energy) in the body without painful side effects. The Ion-Cleanse is one of the latest in personal care technologies developed by scientists and researchers as an experimental therapeutic aid for increased vitality and wellbeing. Sometimes we never recover from ailments and i
njuries because our bodies just do not have enough energy to heal themselves. This is an unfortunate result of the society and world in which we live. Environmental stresses like toxins, chemicals, radiation, pollution, synthetics, food processing and preservatives are surrounding and enveloping us, creating chronic toxemia. No matter how many supplements we take or good foods we eat, it can never seem to be enough! As our “power levels” drop and fluctuate within the body, many of the functions and actions that occur within our cells will go into a dormant state or even completely shut down. As this occurs; we often feel drained, lethargic and even sick. It may also be more difficult to heal or to recover from injuries or illness when this occurs. The logical conclusion is that we ourselves could benefit from a “detoxifying recharge” to survive the rigors of everyday toxemia.

Important: Contradictions to Ion-Cleanse includes pacemarkers, organ tarnsplant, pregnancy/lactation and patients who are epileptic. The Ion-Cleanse Unit is an experimental device and has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. It is not utilized as a method of diagnosis or for specific treatment purposes. One should consult with their health care provider before the start of the first session. If you are utilizing prescription drugs, it is recommended that you take them in the morning and have your foot bath later in the day. It is advisable not to wear a watch, talk on a cell phone, or use a computer while having a footbath.