Car Accidents can be overwhelming!

Things to know… 

1. After an accident use ice not heat

2. Be patient with yourself, don’t push yourself if you are feeling pain. Listen to your body.

3. Allow yourself time to relax. Shock and anxiety are common after an accident.

Don’t have pain?

It’s common not to feel pain right after an accident. Still, it’s wise to see a doctor to be sure everything is alright. You don’t want to sign anything until you know that your health has not been harmed.

We are a full service wellness center that helps people injured in car accidents everyday. Through chiropractic care, physical therapy, energy work, massage therapy and psychotherapy, we restore you to full body wellness.

What we offer

Superior Care

Connections to trusted collision centers and attorneys.

Auto Accident Specialists at our location that will assist you with the process.

Preventative Information for when you are on the site of a car accident

    1. Check that you and everyone is ok. For medical help call 911.

    2. Don’t admit guilt even if you are at fault. You may think it was your fault and it may not have been. In addition, with adrenaline pumping, it’s easy to start talking about things that are unnecessary and might be brought up against you at a later time.

    3. Call the police if you haven’t already called 911 even if it’s a ‘Hit and Run.’ This is important for insurance and medical care.

    4. Call your insurance agent. They need to know what has happened and open a case on your accident. Tell them that you will seek medical assistance to be sure everything is ok and if any additional symptoms arise. You may feel fine in the moment but in the next few days start to feel pain and soreness. Do not sign anything before seeking medical advice.

    5. Gain information. Exchange information with the other drivers involved in the accident. If they don’t own the vehicle get the owners’ information as well. (Name, address, phone number, license plate and driver’s license number)

    6. Take notes and get pictures of the crash. Detailed notes, drawings and photos can help police, insurance companies, and lawyers. Things to take note of: the cars (make, model, color, year), the damage, the roads and lanes involved, the direction the cars were traveling, traffic signs, if the air bag inflated, date, time, weather conditions and anything someone would need to understand what happened.

    7. Get information from witnesses. Anyone who saw the accident could be helpful to clear up confusion later. Get names and contact information before they leave the scene.