Dr. Flythe has helped me improve my athletic performance and he has helped me get closer to my goal of playing in the major leagues.

Ryan K. Physical Therapy

Dr. Flythe has always been able to connect to my physical health to my emotional and spiritual health with genuine care and concern.

R.M. – Cobb County Educator Work Injury Treatment

Dr. Kevin worked on my back doing electrical muscle stimulation, heat, stretching, massage therapy and adjustments for about 3 weeks three times a week and I swam my fastest times ever!

N.W. Physiclal Therapy

Bodyworks helped me recover from my car accident, and i can truly say that i have never felt better. I am back in the gym.

Laterrance S. Injury Recovery

“Dr. Flythe, Thanks so much for getting me back on the court”

Hammond R.

“Dr. Kevin, Thanks for keeping me injury free during my insanity sessions. I can always count on you to put the pieces back together”

Micahel C.